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Gods House

Welcome to Harrison Rd Church of Christ in Warrenville. We are a group of Christians dedicated to worshipping God and serving Him daily. We are glad you have come our way. We hope this website will be helpful to you in furthering your Bible Studies. Come visit with us soon!

What to Expect When Visiting

We are a non-demoninational congregation striving to duplicate the pattern set forth in the New Testament when the church was established. Our worship is simple and biblically based. 

Bible Lessons

Bible Study

Sunday Morning 10 am

Wednesday Evening 6:30 pm

Sunday morning Bible study includes both Adult and Children's classes. All classes consist of solid Biblical teaching as we believe the Bible to be inspired and authoritative. 

Wednesday evening we have one Bible study for all ages where everyone is encouraged to study along together that is led by one of our men. 



Sunday Morning 11 am

Our worship is simple and includes Prayer, Acapella Congregational Singing, Preaching, Partaking of the Lord's Supper and Giving/Offering. 


Belief in the Bible

Harrison Rd Church of Christ in Warrenville is a group of believers who love God and are passionately striving to seek His will in everything we do. We welcome people from all walks of life and are located in the Aiken/Warrenville, SC area. Everything we do is spiritually focused and modeled after what we read in the New Testament. We believe in the complete authority and inspiration of the Bible and believe it contains all we need to know in order to be saved. We do not follow or teach any man made creeds or doctrines. We believe in book, chapter and verse preaching and teaching. 

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